mobitec – vision 2025

As a system supplier we are developing innovative products for the bending and endforming technology. Hereby we are offering our customers the synergy combined with our long-term experiences of our daily serial production and generate economical solutions for production technologies.



Our customer oriented product portfolio compromise the development of manufacturing methods inclusive prototyping as well as serial production of systems and devices, furthermore the manufacturing of tools up to the full-automated manufacturing cell. Our services are completed through an offer of economical financing solutions and our flexible mechanical service.



Running the two departments „serial production“ and „mechanical engineering“ as individual cost-centers with a healthy equity ratio, we secure the future of our company.



With our Zero-Defect-Target for our product portfolio we deliver to our customers highest quality with reflects in process- and machine capabilities. 



Our actions are based on the motto „adding value through appreciation“ and we are a high resppnsible partner to our customers, colleagues and suppliers.